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Hakibuz Co-Working Spaces network is a business-working complexes group that offers a variety of shared work spaces and offices for rent. Hakibuz has 2 complexes in a central and accessible location in Ramat Gan – at Jabotinsky- Ben Gurion and in TLV Diamond district The compounds are characterized by the style of the design and international-Israeli, collective in its essence, with innovative, modern touches and elements of the right. In fact, the secret is in the small details-without posing and deavin, modest offices, unique with collective charm.

We offer our partners spacious private offices furnished and decorated in different sizes. The monthly payment is in the “all Inclusive” format, including Arnona, management fees, electricity, water, and more. We are the values of the beautiful land of Israel: mutual help, friendship, and maintaining respect and proper behavior. The working areas of Hakibutz are pleasant and energetic, and especially have a good atmosphere and a friendly of mutual guarantees.

Over the years we have accumulated the necessary experience to know exactly how you like your office, what is important to you, and especially what will make you succeed, create and enjoy.

Our main goal is to give each owner business the maximum comfort, just like home.
Still, you spend most of your day in the office.

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Our customers

On this occasion, we wanted to say thank you! Thank you to the companies and organizations that chose the kibbutz to their home. Organizations that deal with software development, artificial intelligence, cloud solutions, finances, Internet, big data, digital marketing, consulting, and more. They all found in Hakibuz the exact formula by which they take their business one step ahead.

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Financing and deposit

Meeting Rooms

A fully equipped kitchen

Management and maintenance services

Hot and cold drinks

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A central location

Amazon Cooperation

As part of the Hakibuz, we collaborate with Amazon. Membership in the complex is enjoyed among others:

  • Up to 50K cloud storage credits
  • Tutorials & Seminars
  • Personal meetings with start-ups
  • Business development and integration of Amazon in the needs of companies.
Heather Amazon
Heather Amazon
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