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Co-Working spaces and offices for rent

Everything your business needs. In one place!

Co-Working spaces have become more than a hot and attractive trend in recent years. We spend at work between 6-12 hours on an average day, our work environment is a significant part of everyday life. Co-Working spaces are actually the whole package – not just a desk post, but a whole package that includes everything: a unique atmosphere, related services, affordable prices and everything? In a partner, a fraternity and a mutual guarantee.

The future of Co-Working spaces is already here

Kibbutz-the Hebrew Labour complex provides a variety of shared work spaces

, private

offices in a different Israeli, kibbutz, Aselian atmosphere-we are here to provide you with the most quality and most worthwhile working environment.

Kibbutz 2 work centers in a central and accessible area in Ramat Gan – on the TASE and ‘ Ben Gurion ‘ – The border of Jabotinsky, Bnei Brak.

Work spaces that suit you!

So let’s talk to them, What do you get?

This comfortable workplace is in the most central location with the quiet required. Spacious, decorated and furnished rooms, meeting rooms and lounge to unwind also in the outdoor hours, cleaning services, Internet, espresso and hot drinks, availability 24/7, fully equipped kitchen, handicap accessible and relaxing meetings.

Simple Plug and Play 😉

What about Heather?

We have recently begun an adjacent collaboration with Amazon.
The software and start-up companies that sit with us enjoy credits up to 50K for storage in the cloud.
In front of Facebook and Google for startup companies and relevant organizations.
Professional accompaniment to companies in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics.

What about your employees?

Your staff will enjoy a refreshing work environmentthat will give them a taste for more. No, no more password-all the perks are on us!

A comfortable and fully equipped work environment, advanced and contemporary technology, drinking and treats regularly and especially a sense of fun to get up in the morning for another pampering day in the office.

What about your pocket?

At Kibbutz enjoy attractive prices – minimum cost for a minimal value.

Every customer enjoys a VIP service – Everything is all about the all-in-a -f-to-l! All Taxes-arnona, management fees, Internet, electricity, water!

So why would you break your head?

Let us do the work for you. All you have left is to come to work with positive energies, to do what you are good at and to take care of the growth of your business.

Work spaces

Our customers

On this occasion we wanted to say thank you! Thank you to the companies and organizations that chose the kibbutz to their home. Organizations that deal with software development, artificial intelligence, cloud solutions, finances, Internet, big data, digital marketing, consulting and more. They all found in the kibbutz the exact formula by which they take their business one step ahead.

It’s time for you to take one step ahead of realizing your dreams!

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